Cloud Orchestration

Workload Transformation

By our definition, transformation is never limited to the cloud migration phase. Let our approach to continuous improvement drive evolution not just to the cloud, but within the cloud.

Evaluated continually from the inside out

Rehost (migration-phase)

Replatform (continuous)

Repurchase (migration-phase)

Refactor (continuous)

Retain (continuous)

Retire (continuous)

Relocate (migration-phase)

What about your cloud is keeping you up at night?

Platform Engineering & SRE

Our Platform Engineering solutions involve creating and maintaining the foundational services that enable developers and their products to run efficiently and reliably. This includes designing and managing cloud environments, container orchestration systems, developer tooling and robust "shift-left" pipelines to streamline the deployment, testing and scaling of applications. Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) is a discipline focused on ensuring the reliability and availability of these applications and platforms. SREs use a data-driven approach to automate operations, monitor performance, and respond to incidents, aiming to strike a balance between system stability and feature development. Together, platform engineering and SRE work hand-in-hand to build and maintain robust, scalable, and dependable software systems.

Cost Containment & FinOps

Both are essential in the cloud computing landscape to ensure cost-effectiveness, budget adherence, and overall financial health while leveraging the benefits of cloud services.

Cost Containment

Our cost containment solutions employ tactical and strategic practices to control and reduce cloud-related expenses effectively. It involves assessing, monitoring and optimizing various aspects of cloud usage to avoid unnecessary spending. Key elements of cost containment include: resource right-sizing, auto-scaling (to zero), usage analysis, leveraging savings programs, tagging and accountability.

Financial Operations (FinOps)

FinOps shares root principals with DevOps by defining a set of practices that integrate financial management, technology, and cross-functional collaboration to optimize cloud spending. It emphasizes cost transparency, accountability, and efficiency in cloud operations. Our key principles and practices of FinOps include: cost visibility, responsibility and accountability, cloud governance, continuous optimization and a culture of collaboration.

Cloud Infrastructure & Operations

Our multi-tier CloudOps team is responsible for ensuring that cloud services are available, performant, and secure while adhering to best practices and cost-efficiency guidelines.

Monitoring and Management

Continuously monitoring the performance, availability, and security of cloud resources. This involves using tools for logging, monitoring, and alerting. We leverage the ITIL disciplines to define incident response and problem management.

Security & Access

Ensuring the security of cloud resources by maintaining all forms of access controls, onboarding, offboarding and patch management.

Provisioning, Automation & Scaling

Creating and configuring cloud resources, including all forms of XaaS, infra and inter-connectivity and integrations to meet application requirements. Implementing automation scripts and workflows to streamline tasks like resource provisioning and configuration management.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Implementing and maintaining tools and processes for data backup, disaster recovery, and high availability.